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Write By: fait a main PARIS - 16 May / 2018 Created Date: 2018-05-16 Published In: FOOD & WINE Hits: 1291 Comment: 10

For Parisians, eating food is an enjoyment.  Words like “diet” are the taboo for them.  This is as rude as dressing sporty in a formal occasion or refusing the wine passed by others.  Although, French cuisine is full with butter, cheese, fat and other ingredients, obesity and its co-related diseases are extremely rare in France.  This phenomenon has puzzled scientists for years.  Maybe it's just their nature, but maybe we should take a closer look at what do they eat.  The key to prepare a good French cuisine is the simplicity of ingredients, where their refrigerators always store the same food.  Also, even if they are busy, they are less likely of eating microwave food or to reheat dinners.  Instead, they rather choose to make a simple meal with ingredients that are bought on the way home or at supermarket.  To start making a French cuisine, take a look at the following 10 ingredients which appears most in Parisians kitchen.