French meals are not "packaged" Mystery

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French meals are not "packaged" Mystery

French food waste in serious condition, the government released the latest report, the national food wasted every year of 20 billion euros. Government hopes to implement "Packaged culture ", but it was heavily resistance; because the restaurant believes "Packaging is an insult to our food," Consumer mind other people's eyes and thinking also said, "cannot pack."

French traditional eating culture is ' eats or left with. "

 In France, whether rich or the public are not "packaged" concept. Workers often eat to clean, rich people disdain "package."

Statistics found that ninety percent of French people support the postprandial "package," but only 20% actually do it. Some French people refuse "packaged" .the reason is“packaged" leftovers seem stingy, rude, even unsanitary.

Some French people also said that French dishes are small servings, in most cases did not need after-dinner package. French restaurant owners worried that the guests bring the food out of the restaurant, once food have problems, it's a big thing!

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