10 Splashy Flora and Fauna Patterns for Adoring Chairs, Walls, and more

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10 Splashy Flora and Fauna Patterns for Adoring Chairs, Walls, and more

Pattern on pattern, color on color - maximalism done right can bring warmth, texture, and personality to any interior.

This pattern, named for the spiny coral it sports, comes in both wallpaper and fabric.

Atoll, Seaglass / Emerald @harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com


Cut the drama, and look closely. Birds of paradise are trucked into the splashes and splashes of color in this show-stopping wallpaper and fabric,

perfect for a statement chair.

Dance of Adoenment, Wilderness / Nectar / Pomegranate



The lush color and intricate line-work in the Gorgonian weave will transport you right to an island.

Gorgonian, Postitano / Haze / Umber




The Melora pattern is a damask with attitude.

Melora, Positano / Succulent / Gold @harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com



Acropora proves monochrome is anything but boring.

This classic blue interpretation would look fabulous as the backdrop of an entryway or powder room.

Acropora, Echale / Murmuration @harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com



Delicate and soft in color, the Lotus pattern will splay painterly magnolia trees across your living room on wide width wallpaper.

Lotus, lvory / Gilver @harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com



Named in honor of Asia's tropical grasslands, the textural, layered Matupi pattern is excellent for drapes.

Matupi, Amber Light/ Black Earth @harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com



Chic and versatile, Ardisia comes in a woven jacquard for drapes and as a wall covering in four approachable colorways.

Ardisia, Soft Focus / Gold @harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com



The Perennials pattern is a celebration of florals, and they love the tulip-colored background of this colorway.

Perennials, Positano / Tree Canopy / Tulip @harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com



Dusty red, soft lavender gray, warm biscuit - in this version of the Montipora pattern, printed on cotton satin, soeak to current trends in colors,

in which pastel versions rule and there's no fear of boldness.

Montipora, Harrisa / Slate / Incense @harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com











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