La Tour d'Argent - Part Two

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La Tour d'Argent - Part Two

La Tour d'Argent‘s menu has two versions, the boys get the price list, the girls get no price list。

But if a girl go to La Tour d'Argent, the menu is get price list or no price list? Of course there is a price list。

The wine list is also too thick, about 15 cm thick of it!

French bread, the restaurant attached salt and unsalted butter

€190 Classic package

Duck main course, is their signature dish. An ID card will be sent to the guests, each guest has its own number.

Run out of food, visitors can visit the first floor ~The wall here are thank you letter celebrity guests from around the world.

La Tour d'Argent, one full of color and style of the traditional Paris restaurant, food, and beauty rolled into one extraordinary sensory experience. How can we miss a trip go to Paris La Tour d'Argent. 



La Tour d'Argent

Address:15, quai de la Tournelle, 75005, PARIS



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