How masks have appeared in art

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From social media to street art, masks are cropping up everywhere.









Hoyati Evren's Corona Lisa become a meme that has been plastered across bags and mugs (Credit: Hayati Evern)


A parody of Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer, Banksy's Girl with a Pierces Eardrum has recently been updated with mask. (Credit: PA)


Hijack donated 100% of profits from his print Pandemonium to the Global Foodbanking Network (Credit: Hijack)


Zabou's portrait of the New York graffiti artist BK Foxx, Born to Paint, was created in 2019 but has taken on special resonance this year (Credit: Zabou)


Tom Croft painted a portrait of A&E nurse Harriet Durkin for free after posting on social media (Credit: Tom Croft)


Tatsuya Tanaka used masks in the 31 March entry of his Miniature Calendar (Credit: Tatsuya Tanaka)







Source: BBC


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