Chinese New Year gift sets and candy box fillers

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From chocolates to coffee pods, these are the treats to gift and offer during Chinese New Year.



They prepare an exclusive selection gift-boxes and limited-time flavour to celebrate the traditional festival.




Sugarfina's beautifully packaged candy cubes, endearing shapes and vibrant colors have always been a photogenic delight.


Paul Lafayet

Paul Lafayet's Golden Ox Gift Box arrives in three wonderful tiers, especially designed for sharing. 



A well-rounded gift for all palettes, Venchi's selection of Chinese New Year gift boxes come in all shapes and size.


Charbonnel et Walker

Britain's first fine chocolatier, Charbonnel et Walker have roots that date back to 1875.



The chocolate fortune box is sleek and refined.


Peerie Tea

Hong Kong-based tea specialist Peerie Tea taps into Chinese New Year traditions with a limited-edition CNY Longevity tasting set composed of six unique teas.



Should candy boxes veer towards modernity, Nespresso pods will be a well-received addition, especially for visiting guests in need of a caffeine.

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