Stormed Paris Pierre Hermé - the sweet headquarters

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Stormed Paris Pierre Hermé - the sweet headquarters 

Each macaron, PH design material and weight personally, but also include writing and drawing of goods for the record.

French desserts master Pierre Hermé (PH) in 1997 homemade pink lure Ispahan, the traditional French macaron upgraded to become a symbol of noble. First establish the shop in Tokyo then expand their business to Paris, and many dessert competitors plagiarism them.

Pierre emphasize not create the creation, all ideas comes from life and traveling, and every Saturday he would go Paris's largest open-air wet market Marché Président Wilson touring to explore new tastes.

Each macaron $ 650 (tailor-made macaron), price of HK $ 130,000 includes 200 macaron, PH will understand the guest character, preferences and tastes, and then design materials.

Tailor-made macaron sells HK$130,000

Haute Couture service launched in 2008, like couture fashion, desserts can taste god-class taste. He is unique in the history of French culture and the arts was awarded the honorary title of master of desserts. Master workshop will personally meet with guests to understand their tastes, to draw the sketch, create a unique combination, spend four to six months in the workshop with the team repeated tasting, the entry price is HK $ 130,000 and we can enjoy the exclusive 200 macaron.

Pierre Hermé

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