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The Best and the Cheapest Places to go in Europe – Part Two

7. The Peloponnese, Greece

There are fine, white sandy beaches, ancient sights like Olympia in The Peloponnese. You must interest in it.

The costs:

Basic daily budget: €30

Ouzo: €3

Souvláki (shish kebab): €3

Hostel/budget hotel: €20/€30



8. Gdansk, Poland

There are lot of history in the Baltic riviera. Although the place looks ancient, it is in fact really hip, and modern.

The costs:

Daily budget: Basic €30

Vodka shot: €1

Hostel/budget hotel: €12/€35



8. Albania

It is one of the cheapest countries in Europe to explore. On Albania’s southern lonian coast, expect lots of mammoth mountains, azure seas and white, white sand.

The costs:

Basic daily budget: €25

Bottle of red wine: €6

Hostel/budget hotel: €10/€30



9. London, England

Visiting Museum won’t cost you a single penny, British, Victoria & Albert and Natural History Museum are the must go place. Also, the parks in London.

The costs:

Basic daily budget: £30

Pint of beer: £5

Fish and chips £8

Hostel/budget hotel: £25/£80–100



10. The lakes of Macedonia

Lake Ohrid really is the jewel in Macednia’s sparkling crown. Swim, dive or sail the waters by boat are the nice activities in Macedonia, it is perfect for travelers young and old on budget to kick back and relax.

The costs:

Basic daily budget: €20

Wine from €2.50 per bottle (gasps)

Hostel/budget hotel: €10/€25



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