La Tour d'Argent - Part One

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La Tour d'Argent - Part One

La Tour d'Argent is located in the Seine, France's oldest restaurant. If you want to eat in La Tour d'Argent, remember to book a sit, the top restaurant usually requires advance booking 2-3 months ago.

The restaurant seated on the sixth floor of this building, the first floor is the VIP reception area.

La Tour d'Argent entrance.

La Tour d'Argent was founded in 1582, why is it called the La Tour d'Argent? Because in those days there opened a small hotel, with a silver mica rock roofing, flashing in the sun like silver light, named the La Tour d'Argent。


1/F Reception area

6/F Restaurant

Sit here and eat while watching the Seine, Notre Dame

This chapter introduce La Tour d'Argent's Artworks history and beautiful scenery, the next chapter will introduce their cuisine, don't miss ...

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