France authentic fairy-tale world: The three Dream Castle tour

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Since ancient times, France has always been in refined luxury palace culture dominate, especially in the height of the sixteenth seventeenth century, the best examples is the Queen Mary Anthony, and grandiose of the Sun King Louis XIV. States was not even the court also imitated the universal palace custom folding court is also popular from France.

Loire Valley, this area there are known as "the garden of France”. If you want to enjoy the following castle, we suggest can first take the TGV from Paris to Tours.

1. Beauty and the Beast: Château de Chambord

Built in 1515, she spent a hundred years’ time, only by the Bourbon dynasty, Louis XIV was completed in 1684. So Chambord blend of medieval fortress appearance and gorgeous Renaissance innovation.

Castle maintains the shape of the Greek cross, is divided into two wings, a total of four towers. Its building scale, hit a lot of records, there are as many as 426 rooms, 77 staircases, the total area of 5440 hectares, with the entire city of Paris as large. Open to visitors on weekdays only 80 rooms, but certainly has enough shopping. The most famous feature of the castle is from the Leonardo da Vinci designed double spiral staircase. Disney's animated "Beauty and the Beast" in the magnificent castle owned by the beast, is also inspired by Chambord.

Admission: adults 11 Euro, half-price ticket 9 Euro, EU passport holders under 25 free

Opening hours: October to March 9 am- 5pm

                            April to September 9 am- 6pm

How to get there:

Arriving by car from Paris Austerlitz train station Blois-Chambord, about 1 hour 20 minutes (tickets available at the official website of SNCF, the train station or in the vending machine)

From Paris by boat, can be found daily flights from PARISCityVISION

Official website: http: // (France)

2.The city of Bridge: Château de Chenonceau

Standing in the water of Chenonceau, the castle, also known as a woman castle, as a bridge across the River Cher. By the French Renaissance architect Philibert Delorme design. Has castle owned by the hostess, beginning with Henry II's mistress, the Princess Caterina de'Medici, the Italian big aristocratic mistress held France's first fireworks here, also be extended to the gallery the other side. Followed by the wife of Henry III, Henry IV's successor has. Unique architecture, and a rich collection of works of art, such as Rubens, Murillo, Flanders Tapestries, etc., making it well-known in the world.

Tickets: Adults 12.5 Euro, 17 Euro even audioguided tour

Hours: 9 am- 5 pm/7pm/8pm/6:30 pm (different opening hours per month)

How to get there: Take the TGV starting to FIG Wo Saint-Pierre-des-Corps station (one hour) from Paris Montparnasse train station, then take the TER to Chenonceaux.


3. Queen of Hearts garden: Château de Villandry

France's most beautiful garden called, is the Château de Villandry. Castle construction and decoration, are geometric garden ingenuity killed focus. Constructing symmetrical, repeating pattern based design. People seem very lost, mimicking Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts garden.

Ten gardener carefully managed the garden, each month season plants can have different look.

Address: 3 rue Principle, 37510 Villandry

Tickets: 10 Euro Castle and Garden, Garden 6.5 Euro

How to get there:

One hour from Paris Montparnasse train ride through Tours train station, then take the pick barge Fil Bleu:

Or direct from Paris via ParisCityVision Boat

Official website: http: //

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