French Table Manner Taboo

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French banquet

Each country has its own unique dietary habits.  Then, what are the French dietary customs and taboos, and what are the guidelines?  Let's look at the introduction of French food customs and taboos together!

7 taboos of French table manner [1]


1.         The basic principle of using tableware is from the outside to the inside.  After finishing a dish, the serving dish and the used set of tableware will be taken, and they will be added if needed.

2.         When eating meat (such as sirloin), you should cut it from the corner, eat a piece and then cut a piece.  When you encounter a portion or side dish that you do not eat, just move it to the edge of the dish.

3.         If there is something in the mouth to spit it out, your fork should be handed to your mouth or using your finger in order to take it out, and then move to the edge of the dish.  The entire process should try not to attract others' attention.  Afterwards, you can have your meal naturally.

4.         When eating beans or rice side dishes, you can put the left fork on the flat dish with the fork tip up, then use a knife gently dialed them on a fork.  If you need some seasoning that you can't reach, you can ask others to hand it to you.  Do not stand up to take the seasoning that is far from you.

5.         To clean your hands and mouth, do not wipe vigorously.  Pay attention to the posture, use the corner of the table towel to gently wipe your mouth or finger.

6.         Even if the chair is comfortable, you should sit upright, do not lean on the back of the chair.  The body can be slightly forward when eating, but the arms should be kept close to the body, so that you will not hinder others’ dining.

7.         After eating each dish, the correct method to place the knife and fork, is to put them onto the dish with the fork teeth facing up.

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