Eat Like A Parisian: Learn the elegance of French cuisine, ten kinds of ingredients in the Parisian kitchen

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For Parisians, eating food is an enjoyment.  Words like “diet” are the taboo for them.  This is as rude as dressing sporty in a formal occasion or refusing the wine passed by others.  Although, French cuisine is full with butter, cheese, fat and other ingredients, obesity and its co-related diseases are extremely rare in France.  This phenomenon has puzzled scientists for years.  Maybe it's just their nature, but maybe we should take a closer look at what do they eat.  The key to prepare a good French cuisine is the simplicity of ingredients, where their refrigerators always store the same food.  Also, even if they are busy, they are less likely of eating microwave food or to reheat dinners.  Instead, they rather choose to make a simple meal with ingredients that are bought on the way home or at supermarket.  To start making a French cuisine, take a look at the following 10 ingredients which appears most in Parisians kitchen.

The egg box is always keep full (They mostly placed them on a table or a window sill)

Parisians do not have the habit of putting eggs in the refrigerator (for them, the space of refrigerator should use to put some more important things, such as cheese and wine).  Moreover, you can rarely find a Parisian who will eat eggs for breakfast, because eggs are their basis for lunch and dinner, and they can be cooked in various way.

A table contains at least one baguette

French baguettes is well known that most people is familiar with, and if you are a real Parisian, you will know that buying traditional baguettes from a bakery will always be more fresh than other breads.  Parisian only eats fresh baguettes which they bought on that day.  Furthermore, over-process bread is a ridiculous idea for Parisians.  Maintaining the natural ingredients is their insistence.

The simple recipe for creating a Parisian taste starts from using Dijon mustard

Dijon mustard is used for a wide variety of purposes.  Besides spreading Dijon mustard on bread, mixing it with olive oil, or using it in salad dressings.  It can even better the taste of a lettuce.

Multi-purpose olive oil

High quality olive oil is good for the heart, but what Parisian concerns the most is that, adding it to all dishes is delicious and it also can be used to repair small mistakes in cooking.

Cheese is an indispensable and must-existent presence for Parisians

Walking in any street in Paris you will find how Parisian appreciate and value cheese.  People can find cheese from all varieties, flavors and concentrations in Paris, everyone can choose their best cheese. Parisians are familiar with matching different cheese with various foods and wines, and it is a basic knowledge for them as learning ABC.

You can find butter whether from sauces, meats, sirloin or desserts, butter is everywhere in French cuisine.

Even if you don't particularly like the taste of butter, adding a little bit butter to sandwich attracts your scents.  Parisian tend to choose full fat butter and use it in small (but vital) proportions.


There is always a bottle of wine in hand

For European people, wine is absolutely indispensable.  It is also the key to successful for holding a dinner of Parisians.  In France, red wine is a very important tool for enjoying and enriching life.  It can also be used to enhance the aroma of cooking.  And of course, you can drink a cup or few when you are cooking.

Keep plain or vanilla yoghurt in a small glass container

For Parisians, yoghurt is a quick breakfast or a delicious dessert.  You can easily find the difference between French and American yoghurt, because French yoghurt is always full-fat and the taste of cream is very heavy, and Parisians basically only eat original flavor or vanilla flavor.

Tea is a Parisian favorite

In restaurants, Parisians usually choose espresso or cappuccino, but when the weather gets warmer, tea plays an important role in the kitchen in the morning or after returning home from work.  They sometimes add sugar to their tea, but rare to pour milk in it.

Parisian kitchen can always see traces of dessert

For the French, eating is not just a means of survival. It is an enjoyment for social hours of the day. Desserts after dinner are as important to them as dinner itself.  Having dinner in the restaurant, a cheese platter is served prior to soufflé chocolat or crème brûlée, while eating at home is mostly a simple homemade pie.

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