12 Fashion Secret Steal From French Women (Part 2)

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12 Fashion Secret Steal From French Women - Part 2

French Women pretty much do everything better: they eat better, they drink better, and they definitely dress better.  You may wondering how they look so utterly perfect all of the time? Break down the wardrobes of these women, the style rules they live begin to crystalize: They work to perfect a unique style of their own, believing when it comes to dressing well is feeling good in what you are wearing.

To that end, we've complied 12 fashion secrets that stylish Parisian women live by. Just because you aren't French doesn't mean you can't dress like you are.

7. Have a signature pair of shoes 

You don't need a thousand pairs of shoes to look fabulous, you just need one or two really great pairs to get the job done.  In the words of Coco Chanel: “A woman with good shoes is never ugly!” 

8.  Investment shop when building your closet  

A big part of why French women get it so right, so often, is that they tend to investment shop rather than buying into trends. It might seem like a big investment, but divided over a lifetime of wear, a big-ticket purchase that you love can actually turn out to be a value when compared with an endless string of disposable purchases.

9. Wear a menswear inspired tuxedo for evening  


Parisian girls swap their gown for a tuxedo for their evening event. Sexy and sleek.

10. Go from day to evening with the perfect red lip 


The perfect red lip would be a quick update for French women mastered to take their look. No need to bring a change of clothes to work, lipstick is all it takes to add a little evening glamour to your outfit.

11. When in doubt, ask yourself what a modern Coco Chanel Would wear 

She redefined the way that women dress, which is just as significant today. Jeans and a Chanel jacket, also a perfect little black dress and black and white cocktail attire, they are the stylish Parisian women uniform.

12. Dress for yourself, yourself only.  

It’s a rule that not just stylish French women, but pretty much all stylish women have mastered. Great style is about dressing for yourself and yourself only.

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