12 Fashion Secret Steal From French Women (Part 1)

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12 Fashion Secret Steal From French Women (Part 1)

French Women pretty much do everything better: they eat better, they drink better, and they definitely dress better.  You may wondering how they look so utterly perfect all of the time? Break down the wardrobes of these women, the style rules they live begin to crystalize: They work to perfect a unique style of their own, believing when it comes to dressing well is feeling good in what you are wearing.

To that end, we've complied 12 fashion secrets that stylish Parisian women live by. Just because you aren't French doesn't mean you can't dress like you are.

1.       Say No To Most Trends, And Develop A Signature Look

Stick with your signature style’s similar aesthetic but not the latest things.

2.       Perfect Tousled, Sexy Bed-Head Look

French women never seems to have hair looks fussy?
Try to dressing with a wind-blown look and not going to trouble of styling hair.

3.       Can't Go Wrong in a Striped Shirt

Striped Shirt is effortlessly cool to wear with a pair of Skinny Jeans or skirt will be a classy choice in weekly outfit.

4.       Live In A Wear-With-Anything Trench Coat

Trench coat is the best friends of French women, whenever weekends with jeans,
over gowns to formal events, or even layered with a Fur stole.

5.       It's All About The Fit
French women that flatter their bodies by buying clothes that fit their body well.

6.       Think In A Neutral Palette

Making mix and match effortless, let's dress in black, white, beige, and brown and add pops of color to their outfit with accessories.

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